Ambic has update its dip cup range with the addition of an innovative new Uptake Tube Adaptor which fits to the bottom of the uptake tube. It ensures that minimal teat dip chemical is left in the bottom of the dip cup bottle and prevents the uptake tube from ‘bottoming out’ when the dip cup is depressed to dispense teat dip chemical.

The Uptake Tube Adaptor is a particularly useful feature when higher added value, high viscosity barrier type teat dips or two part chemical formulations are used where it is important to minimise chemical wastage.

The new Uptake Tube Adaptor is compatible with both uptake tube sizes used in the Ambic range and will be included with all Ambic models except ADC/100 StandardDipper™, ADC/130 FoamDipper™ which has foaming insert in the uptake tube and ADC/160 UniDipper™.

The new Uptake Tube Adaptor is available as a spare part in packs of 10 – part number ADC/001.