Upgrade to Ambic MilkSampler

The design of the Ambic MilkSampler has been updated with the addition of a new ultrasonically welded cap for the MilkSampler Body. This replaces the previous design of cap which clipped into position with an interference fit. The upgrade makes the MilkSampler fully compatible with backflush systems as this design is able to withstand the higher operating pressures in the milk line associated with back flush systems.


Ambic is pleased to announce the launch of its New Semi Automated Teat Dipping System which is ideal for dispensing thicker, barrier type teat dips.

MultiDipper™ is a simple, economical semi-automated teat dipping system which is designed to take the effort out of teat dipping. No more time consuming and tiring squeezing of dip cup bottles during milking – making it particularly suitable for thicker, barrier type teat dips which require more manual effort to dispense.

Click here for more information on MultiDipper™

New product launches timed for Dairy Event and Livestock Show

Ambic is delighted to announce the following new product launches scheduled for the forthcoming Dairy Event and Livestock Show which will be held at the NEC exhibition centre in Birmingham on 4th and 5th September. Visit us on stand MK351.


Extending its range of fertility management products Ambic will be launching AiPAINT at the Dairy Event and Livestock Event – a range of tail paint products designed for simple, cost effective heat detection. AiPAINT is available in a range of five different colours and is supplied in handy 500ml dispenser bottles, which have an integral brush head for ease of application. AiPAINT is also suitable for use as a general purpose animal marker.


Locate ’n‘ Spray

Following the successful launch at last year’s Dairy Event of Locator, Ambic’s cow positioner for rotary milking platforms, Ambic will be demonstrating its new patented Locate ’n’ Spray automated teat spray system for rotary milking parlours at this year’s show.


FlowFilter upgrade

An upgrade to the long established FlowFilter in-line milk filter will also be launched at the show. The upgrade entails a new, improved design of virtually unbreakable canister.


Dip cup bottle upgrade

An upgrade to the well-known Ambic dip cup bottle will also be launched at the show. The new dip cup bottle has a more user friendly ergonomic shape to make dipping easier and now also has a range of graduations to suit the full range of one- and two- part teat dip chemicals.