Ambic wins Poster Award at BMC (British Mastitis Conference)

At the British Mastitis Conference, which took place in Worcester on 13th November 2013, Ambic presented the results of the research project it had commissioned and funded the Dairy Group to undertake to examine the practical issues associated with teat spraying. Together they won the prize for the best poster presentation at the conference.

Pictured with the rest of the research team is Neal Thornber of the Dairy Group being presented with the Award by Dr Elizabeth Berry, Chairman of the BMC.

The poster provided evidence of the significant range in skill with which post milking teat disinfectants are applied using teat spray systems. Whilst teat end hit rates and barrel coverage levels can be very high when teat spraying is in the hands of a competent operator, the level of variation is worryingly high and on many farms the objectives of teat spraying are simply not being achieved.  In other words, the process is very operator dependent.

The research data also shows a poor correlation between the level of disinfectant used, which varied widely in the study, and the levels of teat end and teat barrel coverage achieved. The data also demonstrated that good teat end coverage can be achieved with around 14ml of teat disinfectant.

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Ambic Acquires RF Electronic Controls (RFE)

Ambic Equipment Ltd completed a Sale and Purchase Agreement on 5th July to acquire the assets of RF Electronic Controls  (RFE), a division of  Robert Pringle Engineers Limited, based in Harlow, Essex. The business will transfer to Ambic’s recently expanded UK facilities in Witney, Oxfordshire where it will be integrated into Ambic’s manufacturing operation.

RFE is a long established company with a pioneering history in the development of peristaltic pump and dosing technologies dating back more than thirty years. It has become a key supplier of specialist peristaltic pump products to the dairy industry as well as supplying specialist equipment to the commercial laundry, dishwashing and water treatment industries. It has built up an enviable reputation for delivering high quality, specialist products for this niche market segment.

The RFE product range includes low volume and high volume peristaltic pumps, single and multiple chemical dosing systems, powder dosing systems and chemical alarm systems. RFE has excellent synergies with Ambic’s expertise in the manufacture and distribution of livestock health management products including teat spraying, teat dipping and teat foaming technologies for the dairy industry; the acquisition creates exciting opportunities for the development of new products which draw on the know-how and resources of both brands.

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Upgrade to Ambic MilkSampler

The design of the Ambic MilkSampler has been updated with the addition of a new ultrasonically welded cap for the MilkSampler Body. This replaces the previous design of cap which clipped into position with an interference fit. The upgrade makes the MilkSampler fully compatible with backflush systems as this design is able to withstand the higher operating pressures in the milk line associated with back flush systems.


Ambic is pleased to announce the launch of its New Integrated Pre- and Post- Teat Sanitisation System.

Foam’n’Dip™ is a simple, economical and yet highly effective dual purpose teat sanitisation system which generates low pressure compressed air to automate both pre- and post- teat sanitisation processes. The system comprises mains operated a dual purpose Air Power Unit which is used to operate a combination of Foam Applicators for pre-milking treatment and Dip Applicators for post-milking teat sanitisation. Using a single power unit to drive both types of Applicator offers a very cost effective solution for a comprehensive teat sanitisation system.

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Ambic is pleased to announce the launch of its New Semi Automated Teat Dipping System which is ideal for dispensing thicker, barrier type teat dips.

MultiDipper™ is a simple, economical semi-automated teat dipping system which is designed to take the effort out of teat dipping. No more time consuming and tiring squeezing of dip cup bottles during milking – making it particularly suitable for thicker, barrier type teat dips which require more manual effort to dispense.

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