New digital EasiFoamer™ replaces AutoFoamer™

Following the successful completion of final on-farm validation trials Ambic has launched its new digital EasiFoamer™ system to replace its first generation AutoFoamer™ system, which is based on old analogue technology.

Like the AutoFoamer™ the new EasiFoamer™ automates the process of foam generation to provide a constant supply of high quality foam for teat preparation and sanitisation. However, the new EasiFoamer™ system comes with the following additional features and benefits:

  • Easy adjustment of chemical and air flow to achieve optimum foam quality
  • Keypad and digital display for ease of set up, adjustment and performance monitoring
  • Prime facility for easy start-up and easy refreshing of chemical
  • Low level alarm to warn when chemical level is running low
  • Maintenance reminders, such as for peristaltic pump tube changes
  • Monitoring of chemical consumption

Whilst AutoFoamer™ spares are readily available, please note that all future orders received for complete AutoFoamer™ systems will now be processed and supplied as EasiFoamer™ systems.

Many of the components of the EasiFoamer™ system are interchangeable between the old AutoFoamer™ range and the new EasiFoamer™ range. The Ambic Product Guide shows clearly those parts which are unique to either the AutoFoamer™ range or the EasiFoamer™ range as well as those parts which are common to both models.

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Ambic Launches Large Bore Fittings

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