Ambic Launches Large Bore Fittings

A comprehensive range of large bore tubing and fittings is now available, which can be used to increase the capacity of the distribution line in order to improve the performance of teat spray and teat dipping systems.

The new fittings are compatible with existing Ambic teat spray system distribution line spares, using a new ATS converter fitting ALB/424. They are quick and easy to fit using the AmbiSpanner AJS/2055.

The larger distribution line offers the following benefits:

• Improved chemical throughput
• Reduced pressure drop to maintain performance level
• Better handling of thicker, high viscosity chemicals

Part NoDescription
ALB/407Large Bore T Connector with Nuts
ALB/408Large Bore Straight Connector with Nuts (pack of 2)
ALB/409 Large Bore Connector Nuts (pack of 6)
ALB/410Large Bore Tubing – 6m
ALB/423Large Bore Connector Ferrule, ‘O’ Ring and Starlock Kit (pack of 2)
ALB/424Large Bore Connector ATS Converter
ALB/428Large Bore Tubing – 30m
ALB/429Large Bore Connector Blanking Plugs (pack of 2)
ALB/434Large Bore Elbow Connector with Nuts (pack of 2)
ALB/437Large Bore Connector P Clip (pack of 4)

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