Ambic launches new, improved AIAlert™ Extra Heat Detectors

Ambic is coming to market with a new, improved self-adhesive heat detector with improved sticking power and improved visibility, based on new patented ‘Channel and Chamber’ technology. The unique design of AiAlert™ Extra allows both side panels of the detector to ‘colour up’ after the central pressure sensitive bubble section has been activated by the pressure exerted on the cow by bulling behaviour. The detector has a built-in time delay mechanism which means it requires approximately 3 seconds of mounting activity before it is activated.

In Heat? Yes, but how far?

Subsequent mounts force the dye through channels into the chambered side panels. This gives the farmer increased visibility and an even stronger indication that multiple mounts have taken place.

If the dye has not migrated to the side panels it may be that the cow has only recently come into heat and insemination might be best left to the next milking, however, if the side panels are fully coloured the cow has most likely been bulling for some period of time and insemination may need to take place sooner.

Key features:

  • New, Improved self-adhesive design for superior adhesive strength
  • Simple yet effective application – minimal preparation and no messy glue
  • No pre-heating of patch required in cold conditions
  • Progressive indication of mounting heat activity
  • No experience required to interpret reading
  • Moulds easily over the cow’s backbone
  • Large surface area for better adhesion and improved visibility
  • Time-delay module focuses on true mounting heat to minimise false positives
  • One person application
  • Available in packs of 10 and 40

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