Ambic Introduces New MultiFoamer Plus™ To Its Foaming Dip Cup Range

In response to customer demand for an improved foaming dip cup with the ability to adjust the foam quality to suit the characteristics of the particular foaming chemical being used, Ambic has developed a new premium version of its MultiFoamerfoaming dip cup which has the following key features:

  • Two woven meshes for primary foam generation
  • New, third stainless steel mesh welded into the body of the dip cup to optimise the foam structure in the final foam formation phase
  • Set of three different screw-in mixer valves to vary the ratio of air to chemical in order to be able to make the foam either wetter or drier, thus varying the amount of chemical applied

Like the original MultiFoamer™, the new MultiFoamer Plus™ is easily dismantled for ease of cleaning between uses and has a protected air intake to minimise particulate contamination.

Customised versions of the new MultiFoamer Plus™ are available to suit individual foaming teat dip chemicals. Consult Ambic for further details.

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