EasiFoamer update released to the market

Ambic has released an update to the EasiFoamer which includes a number of product improvements and new features designed to improve the overall functionality of the system and to facilitate installation.

  • Firmware revisions include amendments to the settings parameters for Sleep Mode and Run Time
  • The bore of the peristaltic pump tubes has been reduced to reduce the number of pump start/stops during operation to reduce the overall load on the pressure switch
  • A Non-Return Valve with uptake filter has been added to the system to ensure the pump(s) stay primed at all times
  • In-line filters have been added to protect each of the liquid non-return valves in the system from contamination as an additional feature
  • A ‘Quick Start’ Guide will be included with all future systems to highlight common installation errors and to provide additional assistance with the installation process
  • Op Notes have been updated to reflect the above changes

Take a look at the EasiFoamer Quick Start Guide here  EasiFoamer Quick Start Guide

Contact sales@ambic.co.uk for further details