Ambic Published New Product Guide

Ambic has published an updated version of its Product Guide which includes details of the various additions and improvements which have been made to its product range since the last Product Guide was published.

Additions to the range include the following:

  • Incorporation into the Ambic range of a number of peristaltic pumps, dosing and dilution products from its RFE range
  • New range of large bore distribution line fittings for JetStream™ and EasiDipper™ ranges
  • New Locate’n’Spray™ automated teat spray system
  • MkII Fill’n’Dip™ system
  • New EasiFoamer™ automated foaming system
  • New QMI™ Quarter Milk Isolator
  • New Flash’n’Fill™ low level alarm system

The new edition of the Product Guide is in A4 format and is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

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